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January 18, 2009


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alright. I'm stumped, how did you get your typepad to get all the banners and images on the sidebars.
Mine never work!


Saw you over at SIS earlier. I love your work. Great blog too.
Sounds like you had a fabulous x-mas.

You and your mom, seem like me and my daughter (15 yrs old)..scrapping and chatting it up till the wee hours!!

Happy New Year


ooooo nice!!! i didn't know you moved!!! no wayyyyy!!! i'm addicted to twilight too!! i've been reading it since friday!!1 i looooooove it!!


oh i have another series that i enjoyed reading....well i'm not quite done yet! it's called S.A.S.S students across the seven seas! they are so so so good!!


The blog looks good! :)

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